ABOAGORA 2016: FATE / Urðr

ABOAGORA – BETWEEN ARTS AND SCIENCES SYMPOSIUM brings together the aspects of the academia, arts and society. The event will be held in Sibelius-museum, Turku, on June 14-17th. The programme consists of interdisciplinary discussions, workshops, artistic interventions and Falling Walls Lab Turku – the international contest for young researchers.

Aboagora 2016 will explore how agency is understood in relation to the past. What are the possibilities of human kind and how are we bound by the past? The layers of lived lives mark our surroundings, our societies and our bodies. They become inscribed by the choices of others before us and yet at any moment we are given a degree of free will. Can we only understand ourselves and our place in the world by recognizing our heritage, our roots, or does our past bind us to a fate we cannot alter?

The symposium is organized by the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and the Åbo Akademi Foundation. Turku Music Festival is the founding member and the artistic partner of the event.


What is Aboagora?

Aboagora is a symposium that promotes dialogue between the arts, humanities and sciences, establishes new kinds of discussion forums for artists and academics and makes this collaboration available for the benefit of a larger audience. Aboagora, which refers to both Turku (in Latin Aboa), and agora, is an open forum for thinking and aims at challenging and breaking boundaries between arts and the scholarly world.

Aboagora is a joint effort by the Turku Music Festival, the Department of Cultural History at the University of Turku and the Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History, Åbo Akademi University.